Erin Breean and her boyfriend Landon first saw a cat creeping around their patio around mid-March. She visited the couple at least once a week until it became weekly visits.

“Catching her was a four-day ordeal of offering her treats and then food,” Erin told Bored Panda in an interview. “During this process, my boyfriend Landon named him Kevin. We would sit out on the patio with her for an hour or two every evening, she would roll around on her back for belly rubs but was really skittish and didn’t want us petting her. She would chase after us if we would get up and walk away, though.”

Eventually, Erin allowed the cat inside her office, figuring the cat wanted to come in. The cat did.

“She took a few laps around my office and laid down in the hallway like, ‘This is my house now.’ I closed my office door, put her in our bathroom, and found a vet that would see us the next day to see if she was chipped. She wasn’t, and that’s when we found out that she was a girl and pregnant,” Erin said.

The couple decided to adopt “Kevin”. Aside from their new cat, the couple also have a dog named Murphy, who they raised with their cat Max, who unfortunately died in January this year.

“We were really hesitant to introduce Kevin and Murphy at first, but Kevin took the initiative and went right up to him, and they’ve been best friends since. He is obsessed with her kittens, and the kittens love to climb all over him, pounce on his tail, and sneak up and stalk him,” Erin added.

Kevin gave bird to four kittens and she has been a very good momma to them.

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