Baguio City has approved an ordinance making the registration of pet dogs mandatory in the city on its third and final reading.

Under the amended aging Ordinance No. 500-34, it states that “no person shall own or keep a dog over three months of age without first registering it with the Office of the City Veterinarian.” The ordinance also prohibits any dog from straying outside its owner’s residence, unless they are properly leashed and in the company of its registered keeper. Otherwise, the dog shall be placed in the city pound.

Registration for their companion animals may be made directly with the office or if they will have a mass registration to be organized in barangays. A registration certificate shall be issued after the dogs is installed a microchip.

The said certificate shall be the animal’s permanent record during its lifetime, except in cased when the pet is transferred to another owner.

Pet owners who fail to register their dogs shall be fined P2,000. An owner who also knowingly and willfully allows their pets to go loose shall be fined P2,000.

The barangay is authorized to collect fines and maintenance fees, and the barangay officials may keep a dog impounded in the barangay pound.

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