Mantas and Rasa love travelling around the world. But during one of their travels in Koh Kood, Thailand, the couple lost their beloved 10-year-old Boxer named Aibo, who was then back in their home in Lithuania.

“He became very sick and it was impossible to save him. It was a very hard time for us, we couldn’t be with him, all we could do was to say we love him on the phone. We were so broken,” they said, according to Bored Panda.

After their loss, the couple returned to Lithuania to get their other dog, Rudis, and take him with them in Thailand, where they decided to stay for a while. There, they adopted a stray pup, whom they called Zuika, which means “baby rabbit” in Lithuania. Later on, they realized how many stray dogs there are in the island, many of which were sick or injured, so they decided to adopt more.

Image credits: SabaiDogKohKood

“At the moment, there are 15 adopted stray dogs living with us: two blind doggies, four with disabilities. All of them have their own stories – saved from death as a puppy, blind, paralyzed,” they added.

It wasn’t easy taking care of the big furry family. The couple hit some bump roads ahead. Their landlord for many years were not that much of a fan of the animals, and declined to extend their rent.

“The landlord of our house, which we rented for many years, refused to extend our rent. We literally became homeless with our big family, as our former landlord was far from animal-friendly,” they said. “But we now have a new place in a remote area of the island and are happy to be with our 15 doggos.”

Aside from adopting the stray dogs, the couple looked for other ways to help the other stray animals on the island too.

Image credits: SabaiDogKohKood

“We want to help Koh Kood dogs. For this purpose, my wife and I created Sabai Dog Koh Kood [their Facebook page]. The word ‘sabai’ in the Thai language means ‘happy.’ We want Koh Kood dogs to be happy and healthy,” Mantas wrote on their Facebook page.

The couple are consulting vet issues in their own home because there were no vet clinics in the island. “We are no vets by far, but as time passed, we didn’t even notice how we learned to deal with serious wounds and got more medical knowledge about different diseases,” the couple said.

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