The deadly coronavirus has almost put the whole world at a standstill, with many people forced to practice social distancing, and self-quarantine at home. This left a number of businesses and establishments closed for the meantime, including several animal shelters.

Now, more than ever, they hope more humans can help them by responsibly adopting animals in the shelter. For this one artist, he knew that what the shelter animals needed was more coverage for the media.

“After learning about this horrible effect from a local shelter employee, and then finding out the lack of coverage about the topic in news media, I took it to heart to try my best to help those little furry lonesome friends,” writes Andreas Haggkvist on Bored Panda.

“Hearing about this tragic effect from Covid-19 really shook me to my core. I instantly started imagining all those poor helpful creatures sitting there, all alone in shelters just waiting for someone to come by and pick them up,” he adds.

Check some of his works here:

1.Here’s Queen Elisapet

2. Michael Catson

3. Meownder Woman

4. David Meowie

5. Mother Purresa

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