August, or Augie as a lot of people love to call her, has turned 20 on April 24, which makes her the oldest living Golden Retriever in history according to a post by the GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue.

Augie lives in Oakland Tennesee with her humans, Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt. But before she became their fur-baby, Augie was actually rehomed twice (not her fault though!).

August was born on April 24, 2000. After being rehomed twice, Augie was put in a Golden Retriever rescue organization where Jennifer and Steve were active volunteers.

In 2014, Augie was already considered a senior dog and people were not noticing her enough in the shelter due to her age. But the couple was all welcoming to adopt Augie into their home and into their lives.

Jennifer and Steve adopted Augie in 2014 and took her on RV trips around the country with her other canine and feline siblings. The couple did their best to provide Augie the care and love she deserves.

Augie was diagnosed with some kidney issued at 14, so Jennifer and Steve makes sure she eats the right food and take some supplements for her kidneys and joints. SQ fluids twice a week also help her perk up a bit.

Jennifer says August is still surprisingly healthy and although she walks shakily sometimes, she loves her daily walks around the yard.

They celebrated her fantastic birthday with a dog-friendly carrot cake and of course, some playtime with her other Golden siblings, Sherman, Belle, and Bruce!

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