It’s not uncommon to find animals becoming attached to stuffed animals, especially if they grew up having them around. For this one dog, he makes sure he always brings his look-a-like stuffed animal wherever he goes, and would not go anywhere without it.

Barley is a Golden Retriever who lives in Amsterdam with his mom, Zita Butler.

Butler said she bought the stuffed toy for Barley when they first adopted him as a sort of welcome gift to his new home. The toy was a mini-me version of Barley!

She said they thought the toy would help the then cute pup to settle in, but she was not prepared for just how much Barley would take to Fluffy, the stuffed toy. The one-year-old dog would refuse to do anything or go nowhere without taking Fluffy with him in his mouth.

Butler describes Barley as an “attention seeker, a bit goofy and a real explorer,” noting that Barley has become a sensation in their neighborhood, as most people recognize Barley straight away with his best friend, Fluffy.

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