Summer is the best time for most people – lounging by the beach with friends, or doing something different. But in France, around 100,000 pets are abandoned each year due to the same reason that many residents wanted to do something without their animal companions in the way. This is a troubling statistics, as the number of abandoned animals is for summer alone.

The people did not want to miss out on their holiday plans. So if they are unable to find a kennel or a pet-sitter, they would choose to abandon the animals instead.

To shed light on this, French artistic director Nicolas Amiard initiated a project called “Summer Adventures.” This is a series of comics from our childhood that aims to reflect on this situation and to raise public awareness on abandonment.

From Scooby-Doo to the Simpsons and Tintin, Asterix and Pokemon, they all show how these characters from our childhood would feel if they were abandoned on summer holidays.

Here are some of his best works:

You can check more of his works here:

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