Recently, the devastating story of a baby lion who was taken from his mother when he was only a few months old had become viral on the internet. The horrible people who took him away broke both his back legs and injured his spine so he could not run away or struggle when tourists take pictures with him.

A group of rescuers and veterinarians heard about the cub and managed to rescue him just in time. Many people were angered by the crime, even Russian president Vladimir Putin personally ordered a criminal investigation on the matter.

According to reports, the cub was tied up in a barn where he was thought to be tortured and beaten. He was on the brink of death when rescuers found him. They later on called him “Simba.”

Simba was immediately put into surgery to fix his legs, which was successful. But aside from his injured legs, Simba also has a problem trusting humans. Thankfully, his rescuers are very patient in helping him recover from the devastating ordeal he had to live in.

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Во всем мире нет более сильного духом львенка, чем Симба. Каждый день своей, только начавшейся жизни, малыш терпел океан боли от человека. В Челябинский приют диких животных и птиц фонда зоозащиты «Спаси меня» его доставили из Республики Дагестан крайне истощенным и с увечьями на грани смерти: атрофией задних конечностей, пролежнями до костей и кишечной непроходимостью. Последнее требовало экстренного медицинского вмешательства. Радовало, что Симба хорошо пил и ел, а сделанное на днях УЗИ и клинические анализы показали, что с почками у него все в порядке, значит он выдержит при необходимости наркоз. Два дня по приезду львенку ставили клизмы и слабительные, чтобы обойтись без хирургического вмешательства. Но это не помогло, и сегодня доктор Карен Даллакян провел львенку сложную операцию. Она продлилась около часа. Было извлечено около двух килограмм каловых камней, которым, судя по размерам, около шести недель! Сейчас здоровью Симбы ничего не угрожает, он отдыхает после операции. Остается молиться, что скоро львенок пойдет на поправку. Мы с командой верим, что он скоро выздоровеет (львы – цари зверей и у них отменный иммунитет), и станет вожаком прайда в саванне. #Симбаживи #КаренДаллакян #Приютспасименя #Sotravel

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He was given a lot of toys so he could relearn how it was like to play and even walk. Now, his rescuers are happy to announce that Simba is all well, with his cuteness and playfulness will surely make anyone fall for him.

Karen Dallakyan, a veterinarian in Russia, was the main person who rescued Simba. Aside from Simba, he had helped hundreds of animals escape awful situations in the country. With some of his co-veterinarians, they help the animal get back into their best shape with food, shelter, and of course, with lots of love, care and understanding.

Millions of animals face cruelty all over the world. The best thing you can do is to report any abuse towards animals to authorities and help them. It is also possible to donate to institutions that rescue animals, in order to keep their mission going.

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