Adorable Jax was almost done celebrating his seventh bark-day when an anemic puppy knocked on his parent’s clinic, asking for help. The poor pup needed a blood transfusion immediately before it’s too late. Luckily, Jax was just there to help.

Jennifer Fowler, Jax’s owner, told LADBible that she asked her husband to bring their dog Jax to the clinic as an anemic puppy badly needed their help. When he arrived, Jax was just so happy to see everyone in the clinic. He gave his blood on that day as he sat patiently well while doing the procedure.

“Using a needle and a transfusion bag, we simply drew blood from his neck for about 30 seconds as I held his head and kissed his face. He was wagging his tail the whole time and didn’t whimper or cry at all,” Fowler said.

After the procedure, Jax enjoyed treats and high-calorie snacks, as well as some water. He even got comfortable in a bed by himself. What a great way to end his birthday bash!

“Due to the small size of the puppy, that one bag was enough for three transfusions. The puppy drastically improved and got to go home a few days later,” Fowler added.

Good job, good boi Jax!

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