A number of Japanese citizens were putting facemasks on the iconic Hachiko statue located at Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

Hachiko was the faithful Akita dog who waited for his hooman at the same Shibuya train station every day for nine years. Since then, he has become a worldwide icon and of the the most loyal bois known out there.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hachiko’s 75th death anniversary celebration was cancelled last April 8. However, locals have continued to leave flowers and little trinkets for the statue, while others pass by to give the good boi a facemask.

Though Shibuya officials requested for people to refrain from blocking Hachiko’s face with a face mask, locals continue to drop by and let him wear one. Meanwhile, the city government of a different station and Odate tourist association approved an official facemask for Hachiko. They provided Hachiko with a hand-sewn mask specifically made to fit the dog’s snout.

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