You’ve probably seen him several times a day all over your social media platforms. His distinctive grin is not that hard to notice after all!

Cheems became widely popular around the world after thousands of people posted memes of the adorable dog, where they used extra M letters in his spelling to add to its humor.

Cheems’ origins can be traced back to September 4, 2017 when a photo of the Shiba Inu was uploaded on Instagram, according to Know Your Meme. In three years, Cheems became the face of several memes that made people laugh across the world.

Behind the scenes, Cheems is called Balltze, a nine-year-old Shiba Inu from Hong Kong.

Wonder what was the unedited picture of Balltze that led him to become an international star? It was this photo of him sitting on the floor of what might be his home in Hong Kong.

UNILAD talked to Balltze himself in what might be the best interview they ever had. One takeaway from their interview, we found out that Balltze has never tried cheemsburger in his life!

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