Robert Irwin has become a spitting image of his late father, Steven. Just like his father, the 16-year-old has also started his own animal documentary series, Crickey! It’s The Irwins.

While filming for the docuseries, Robert was bitten in the face by a carpet python.

“Are you going to be grumpy or are you going to be nice?” Robert can be heard in the video asking the snake. “It’s alright, you’re going to go back home. There you go, buddy. There’s a good snake. Aren’t they the coolest?”

Robert continues on to explain how he love carpet python snakes until he was cut off when the python snapped his face. In the video he shared on his Instagram account, the video then cuts to the footage of his father holding a snake on his own show, The Crocodile Hunter, and like father like son, Steve’s face was also bitten by a snake.

He also shared a side-by-side photo of him and his dad smiling with bloody snake bites on their faces.

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