Nature has taken its course free from human distractions. A Palestinian zoo has recorded a high number of baby animals born after it shut its doors to visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Qalqilya Zoo in West Bank of Palestine welcomed 15 new baby animals during the two months that it closed its doors to visitors. Zoo officials said this number is three times more than usual.

“The coronavirus spread at the same time that trips were expected at the zoo. They were cancelled and therefore the animals started to give birth,” Sami Khader, zoo veterinarian, told Reuters.

Among those born in the zoo where baby peacocks, ostriches, and baboons. An ostrich, which rarely had the chance to incubate its eggs properly, has produced 11 eggs “because there weren’t people around her, she was able to build a nest,” Khader said.

Photo: Reuters

Monkeys, on the other hand, often suffer miscarriages. But luckily, one baboon gave birth.

Photo: Reuters

The zoo reopened in late May as Palestinian officials eased COVID-19 restrictions. The zoo managers hope their newborns will attract and compensate for 200,000 lost visitors.

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