A large black bear decided to take a nap in a kiddie pool, making the house owner happy to see him in her backyard.

Regina Keller, who owns the house, was no stranger to bears. Her home is remote and located at the George Washington National Forest in Fort Valley, Virginia. It has already become her hobby to take pictures of wildlife in her backyard for the past 12 years.

Most recently on July 19, she was watering her flowers when a large male bear wandered into her yard, noting that it “was the biggest one I’ve seen this year.”

Getting comfortable…

Posted by Regina Keller on Sunday, July 19, 2020

“He wandered around the backyard… and went over by the pool and dipped his big paw in the water… and then climbed right in and laid down. He seemed so content and refreshed,” Keller told CNN in an interview.

Keller said she went back inside her house and sat on a chair by the door just to observe him. The bear stayed in the pool and napped for about an hour before he was chased off by the sound of her grandchildren arriving in her driveway with their dogs.

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