A couple based in Clifton Park, New York decided to turn their home into the best haven for their 20 senior and special needs dogs.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes run a non-profit organization called The Mr. Mo Project. They started this after their senior dog, Mo, passed away and left a hefty vet bills behind. Understanding the struggles of taking care of a senior dog, the couple knew many of dogs like Mo may have been surrendered or abandoned in animal shelters because their previous owners cannot afford their needs. This led them to open their own organization to cater to senior dogs from around the country.

“Senior dogs deserve the best for the rest of their lives. We believe that senior dogs deserve homes, too!” The Mr. Mo Project writes on its website.

Chris and Mariesa saved hundreds of dogs from euthanasia. They helped the dogs receive proper treatment and even get adopted. However, about 20 pups are currently living in their home as they need the most special care.

In order to give them the best possible quality of life, the couple decided to spend over $55,000 to customize their house.

Now, the couple’s home has a hydrotherapy pool, which cost for $30,000, to help pups exercises. They also have a custom king-sized bed for $5,000 so they could sleep with their dogs. Aside from that, their whole home is dog-safe with friendly ramps, floor mats, plastic sheets, and more!

“It is crazy living with 20 dogs, but we make it work as we have a great routine,” Chris told Bored Panda. “We try and raise as much money as we can, but ultimately, if one dog needs $20,000 worth of treatment, we will pay for it on credit cards and worry about it later. There’s always a vet bill to pay, but we have learnt to get on with it and although it’s stressful, it’s all worth it.”

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