Penguins get bored too, especially now when no one visits the zoo anymore due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to keep them busy and happy, zookeepers decided to install a new equipment in their enclosure!

The Newquay Zoo in Trenance Leisure Park, Newquay, England installed a bubble machine in their penguin enclosure in the hopes to entertain the very social birds amidst the lockdown.

Little Surprise, a hand-packed gift experience service, donated the bubble machine via the zoo’s donation Amazon Wishlist. The bubble machine soon boosted the penguins’ happiness!

Penguins are known to be extremely social animals, so when the lockdown happened, their daily routine were changed Thankfully, the bubble machine allows them to be more engaged to their day to day live mentally and physically.

“It was hilarious watching the penguins frantically waddling and swimming after the bubbles, trying to catch them. It was really entertaining for visitors too, but more importantly, it worked well as an enrichment tool which is a vital part of our animal welfare programme,” Joh Meek, the zoo’s Animal Collections Manager, said when the program first launched.

They would gaze at the flying bubbles, at the same time, would also chase them around.

The Newquay Zoo has been using bubble machines since 2014 as part of the enrichment process to provide their animals with mentally and physically stimulating experiences to encourage natural behavior.

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