A four-month-old pup wandered off away from his home and got lost. He decided to look for another familiar face to ask for help, and he knew just the person to go to.

Khiew Ngern, the mixed black bull terrier pup from Bangkok, Thailand, got lost after he and his owner’s other dogs were allowed to roam free as she worked at the Bai Mai Kitchen restaurant.

The poor pup wandered the streets of Bangkok for over six months, when he thought of a clever idea. He has been very familiar with his veterinary clinic, so he went there instead to ask for help.

He went to Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic and started to get the attention of the vets there.

A security footage shows Khiew scratching and barking at the clinic’s glass doors until one of the staff, a doctor’s assistant, noticed him and let him in. It did not take long until the clinic called Khiew’s owner.


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