A black German Shepherd has recently become viral on social media after his owner posted a picture of him looking like Batman.

Brick, the adorable pup, is a five-year-old German Shepherd living with his human Jelena Jovanovic in Belgrade, Serbia.

(Photo: SWNS)

Jovanovic told South West News Service (SWNS) in an interview that she was trying to take a picture of Brick, but then he started eating snow so she scolded him. It was in that split second that she got the perfect shot of Brick looking like Batman.

“I twas taking a panoramic portrait and waiting for him to make a calm face and look at me,” she said. “Brick was a bit bored so he started eating snow, I told him ‘no’ and he raised his head, tilted his ears, gave me that look for a split second and I caught it on camera.”

Jovanovic, a 3D animator, then realized her dog had a striking resemblance with Batman.

“Initially, I didn’t think much about it as I wanted to catch his calm face expression, but upon revision on my computer I thought it was interesting,” she added. “I posted a cropped portrait version and people I loved it. I did this dark edit and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.”

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