Jenna is a dairy cow who was destined to be killed, because she was born infertile and unable to produce milk. But at three days old, a good family decided to take her in.

Ryan Phillips and Mallory Sherman run a not-for-profit farmyard sanctuary in Williamsburg, Vancouver. They welcomed Jenna the cow, nursed her and cared for her. During those times, they happened to build a strong bond.

“Jenna treats me like I’m her best friend and saw me like I was her mom when she was little because I brought and fed her bottles. She’d knock me in my belly to attempt to make more milk come out,” Ryan says. “I spent every night talking and laying with her in the barn and making sure she was healthy and happy.”

Because of their undeniable bond, Jenna becomes impatient whenever Ryan does not greet him first thing each morning. She always goes straight to the kitchen window and moos loudly until Ryan goes to say good morning.

“And so, now we continue to have a bond that results in her mooing for me and needing morning hugs – as well as lots of time together during the day, and goodnight hugs and scratches as well,” he added.

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