An Alabama fishing crew was on their way for a fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico near Perdido Pass, when they spotted a poor kitten struggling to stay afloat the water.

The Still Flyin Charters crew spotted an animal they first thought to be a sea turtle in the water, but they realized it had a ginger fur. They immediately scooped out the kitten from the water using a net and brought him into the boat.

“We were fishing just outside Perdido Pass when I spotted something struggling to stay up and getting sucked out into the gulf. We immediately pulled in our lines and maneuvered over to it. Positioned ourselves down the current of the cat and used a dip net for bait to pick him up,” Steve Crews, owner and operator of Still Flyin Charters, told Bored Panda in an interview.

He added that the kitten looked terrified and shocked. “I held him in my lap and drove the boat until he started to come to. Then one of the kids fishing held him for a while,” he added.

Crews took the kitten with him to his home, but the kitten was terrified inside and preferred hanging outside. He later on found the kitty his permanent home.

“Initially, he came home with me, but he didn’t want to be inside. My friend ended up taking him home since he lives in an area where the cat is safer outside. He’s doing great. He’s still a feral cat. We’ll see if that changes over time, but he’s still really skittish of people,” Crews said.

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