A seven-year-old tabby gained internet fame for playing his tiny piano to let his owner know when he’s hungry. Now, he plays it all the time for treats.

Winslow is the adorable companion of Kate Nyx. She taught her tabby to play the piano so she would know when Winslow is hungry, but the cat seemed to request food every now and then. Nyx recorded Winslow asking her for food on her Twitter account, and the internet people immediately fell in love with Winslow that he went viral.

Nyx, who is a musician herself, said she bought the little piano on eBay when she was still in high school. She explained that she decided to teach Winslow how to use the piano, because he would scream around some other time.

“He used to run around screaming all the time and I was like, ‘this is no good,'” Nyx said. “The piano is another way to communicate, so he’s not screaming bloody murder.”

“It became some kind of hunting reward because he can’t do much in the apartment. He tends to only play it when we’re in the kitchen and he knows he can possibly get a snack,” she added.

But, be warned. Winslow realized he can also use the piano not just to ask for food, but to express himself in general. Like, if he was attention. “It’s his alarm system in general. He learned that I encourage moving his paws up and down the keyboard, so he does that when he really wants something.”

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