There is something satisfying and fulfilling about collecting something, whether it’s stamps, comic books, trading cards, or even mugs! This one dog shows collecting is not just for humans.

This is Bruce. He is a four-year-old Golden Retriever who has a knack for collecting all types of sticks!

Leo Icenhour, Bruce’s human companions, said Bruce started collecting sticks after one winter storm when Bruce’s favorite stick got buried under a pile of snow. The next day, Bruce was not able to retrieve it after hours of digging and searching around.

“At the time, he only had one stick and it was his absolute favorite. Well, it started snowing one evening and he left the stick out in our field. Over the next couple of days, he was in an absolute frenzy every time we went outside, relentlessly searching for his stick. He would dig like a madman and even bury his head in the snow trying to find it!” he told Bored Panda in an interview.

(Photo by Leo Icenhour)

Now, Bruce has collected over 50 sticks, which varies from long, short, straight, curved, thin, thick, pointy, and plain ones. Whatever kind of stick you want, he probably has it.

“Bruce doesn’t seem to discriminate as he loves sticks of all shapes and sizes. We live near a creek that floods often, so he always has a wonderful selection of driftwood to choose from outside,” Icenhour added.

For those asking, Bruce eventually found his favorite stick when the sun finally melted the snow.

“After a few days of sunshine melted enough of the snow, he finally struck gold while digging and found his precious stick. I believe from that moment on he never wanted to be stick-less again, so he started the collection,” Icenhour said.

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