A man named Theron visited a Maine animal shelter over the weekend to adopt a cat in an effort to “heal his heart” after his kitty went missing.

Theron has lost his cat, Cutie Pie, about a week ago. To fill the void that Cutie Pie left in his heart, he decided to visit the Bangor Humane Society’s shelter to adopt another cat who needed a home.

“As he perused the kennels, he stopped to examine one of our friends a little more closely and when the cat turned to face him, Theron erupted with joy. THIS WAS HIS CUTIE PIE!!” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Theron’s camera roll was full of pictures of Cutie Pie, leaving no question that this reunion was the real deal!”

Theron can be seen hugging the fluffy grey-and-white cat.

“Cutie Pue found his way *back* to his forever home tonight,” the post continued. “(Let me just say I’ve honestly never seen a cat so eager to be in a cat carrier! He was SO ready to go home!”

The animal shelter said they were very happy about the reunion, and just hope they could reunite more animals with their owners. “It’s an honor to keep them safe until that can happen.”

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