Beirut experienced one of the largest explosions in history last August 4, leaving thousands injured and homeless, hundreds died, and billions of dollars worth of establishments damaged. But humans were not the only victims of this painful tragedy, but also thousands of animals in the area, which has since then been considered a disaster zone.

Animals Lebanon, an animal rights non-government organization based in Beirut, has been helping out in rescuing the animals affected by the explosion.

Recently, the group has been sharing stories of humans finally reuniting with their animal companions, whom they lost after the blast happened.

So far, they stated that 110 lost animals have been reunited with their guardians.

At the same time, they gave out veterinary care for 216 animals, 89 are currently taken to their shelter, and 61 are in need of adoption. They have raised $48,280, and are still looking for donations to continue their rescue work.

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