Mohd Ridhuan found a new spot to hang out with his friends. Last month, they started to go to a beach in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. He found a pack of stray dogs during one of their visits, and knowing him, he sure had a soft spot for the animals, so he decided to feed them whenever he’s around.

“Their tails wiggled when they saw me,” Ridhuan told The Dodo in an interview. Since then, he grew fond of the four dogs, especially a brown-and-white dog named Sally.

One day, Ridhuan failed to make his daily journey to the beach. He was startled to see Sally at the convenience store where he works and refused to leave. When Ridhuan’s shift ends and he’s about to go home, Sally gives him her sad puppy eyes.

“She always makes a sad face every time I go home,” Ridhuan said. “She’s clingy, cheerful and protective.”

As much as Ridhuan loves to adopt Sally, his apartment has a strict policy of no dogs allowed. Now, he is trying to knock on everyone’s hearts to welcome Sally into their loving homes.

“The first time I posted about animals, especially dogs, I received a lot of compliments and harsh comments,” he said. “I don’t care about it – I just look at the good side and continue doing what I’m doing.”

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