Over 3.2 million acres of land have burned in California due to the wildfires since the start of 2020. There are about 28 major wildfires in the state, which killed 24 people and over 4,200 structures destroyed.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the season’s fires can largely be attributed to climate change.

The air quality now in California can largely affect your animal companion’s health. So how can you keep them safe?

1. Keep them inside

Best advice would be to stay inside your homes with your animal companions. Close the windows to avoid any respiratory effects of the unhealthy smoke. You should also consider moving an air purifier or fan next to your furry pals to keep the air ventilated.

2. Go on shorter walks

Although running or walking to the park is your usual activity, now might not be a great time to run out there or do any outdoor activities. Go on shorter walks for bathroom breaks, or just a quick view of your neighborhood. Try to keep your companion animals entertained inside your homes with some toys or working on their training in the meantime.

3. Keep them hydrated

Make sure your pets have constant access to clean water.

4. Keep an eye on senior animals and short-nosed breeds

Senior animals or those with existing medical issues could be more sensitive to the air particles around them. Short nosed breeds, or the brachycephalic dogs such as bulldogs, Boston terriers, and pugs, are more susceptible to respiratory diseases.

5. Watch out for any signs of respiratory distress

Possible symptoms of respiratory distress could include: unusual coughing, sneezing or gagging; difficulty breathing, including open mouth breathing; eye irritation and excessive watering; inflammation of throat or mouth; nasal discharge; asthma-like symptoms; increased breathing rate; weakness and lethargy.

If you notice any change in behavior or symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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