Back in 2017, Dilara Ilter from Istanbul, Turkey uploaded a video on Twitter showing a woman leading a dozen of animals – from cats and dogs to birds, down the street from where she lives. Three years later, her video continues to mesmerize netizens and continues to be shared online.

“The woman was walking very calmly,” Ilter told Bored Panda in an interview. “That lady is from my parents’ neighborhood, and my mom told me she’s a foreigner.”

“Every other day, she gathers stray animals around and feeds them, but at the time of recording the video, I didn’t know about this. The moment I saw her walking like that, I thought she was a wizard, with so many crows and cats,” she added.

She added that her mother talked to the lady, telling her that she has gone viral, but the woman was shy as she could not speak Turkish well.

A year later, Ilter spotted the same woman and noticed that the animals were still following her around.

According to her, the woman gathers all the stray animals every other day to feed them.

“I know that she feeds the animals on the street very often, which is a very common behavior in Turkey,” she said. “In Istanbul, we love and care for stray animals, especially cats. They’re the symbol of the city.”

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