We’re not kidding! This tiny animal is in fact, a real animal! It has a mouse-like body, rabbit-like ears, a pig’s snout, and back legs of a kangaroo’s. Can you guess what it is?

This is called a long-eared jerboa. It is a rare, mouse-like rodent that has around 2.8 in to 3.5 in body, while its tails is double its size. On the other hand, the size of its ears is measured around two-thirds of its body size. It is a nocturnal animal and was first caught on camera in the wild in 2007 during an expedition of the Zoological Society of London in Gobi.

The long-eared jerboa is native to the deserts in southern Mongolia and northwestern China. They mostly eat flying insects and have a lifespan of two to three years.

“Jerboas have very erratic locomotion, adopting a zigzag trajectory, and can jump several feet both vertically and horizontally, even though they are usually about the size of your fist,” Talia Yuki Moore, a Harvard graduate student focused on studying the locomotion of three jerboa species, told National Geographic.

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