Among other things, we are continuously experiencing the effects of climate change – melting of ice, increased deadly wildfires, drought, flooding, and many more.

There are several ways to fight climate change, and humans, especially pet owners, are encouraged to help reduce their animal companions’ carbon paw print.

“Unintentionally, our animals and our habits surrounding them can cause an adverse effect on both the environment and our poor pets. Making a conscious change can go a long way,” said Rachel Andre, CEO of sustainable cat litter brand Natusan.

The group also shared a simple guide to boost your companion animals to live a greener and healthier life.

1. Limit plastic toys

Plastic toys often end up in landfills. Imagine having your dogs destroy several of their toys, which all pile up in landfills.

2. Choose kinder bedding

There are bedding and blankets made from natural fibers, which were grown organically and processed without harsh chemicals and dyes.

3. Clean up toilet habits

Use sustainable, organic cat litter that is made of renewable, recycled materials.

4. Swap to organic shampoos and grooming tools

Many pet shampoos are filled with non-biodegradable, toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to your furry pals skin, but also to the planet.

Natural shampoos are free of dyes, nasties and parabens.

5. Spay or neuter

As a pet parents, neutering or spaying your companion animal is one of the most responsible things. Every year, thousands of unwanted puppies or kittens are born, abandoned, then are either euthanized or turned feral.

Spaying or neutering them can also reduce several health risks.

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