A new survey conducted by RestoraPet has found that 61 percent of humans would spend the same – or more – on their companion animal’s health and wellness than their own.

More than 500 men and women pet owners, ages 16 to 73, participated in the survey.

90 percent of those said they are willing to spend $100 or more on their animal companions each month, and 55 percent said they would spend “whatever it takes to ensure their pets are happy and healthy.”

“It’s no question that our pets are family and their wellbeing should be top of mind, considering they age faster than we do,” RestoraPet CEO Brian Larsen said in a news release. “I was moved by the results as pet owners placed equal value on their pet’s health as their own, further demonstrating the need for products like ours to ensure an improved quality of life for pets around the world.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, 43 percent of pet owners said they have been spending more of their time bonding with their animal companions.

“To ensure the best quality of life for their pets, nearly a quarter of pet owners indicated they would be willing to give up at least two dinners out, eight pints of beer at the bar, or 13 cups of coffee from their favorite coffee shop on a monthly basis,” the report added.

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