More than 13,000 pet owners accounting for about 25,000 dogs and 6,000 cats participated in the Pet Census 2020, and found majority of them oftentimes cancel plans with friends or family to hangout with their animal companions instead.

Wisdom Health Genetics, a leading pet genetics company, released the results of its 2020 Pet Census survey earlier this month to show the companionship between humans and their animals this year.

The result of the survey shows that 72 percent of pup parents admitted to canceling social plans to spend more time with their four-legged companions. For cat parents, a total of 32 percent said so.

64 percents of the pet owners said they view their dog or cat as a family member.

“The Pet Census results reveal that pet parents across the U.S. increasingly think of their animals as family. The bond we share with our dogs and cats rank among our most important relationships,” Audrey Yoo, general manager of Wisdom Health Genetics, said in a press release.

The survey also shows that pet parents consider themselves better mentally and emotionally thanks to their furry pals. 99 percent of dogs owners and 96 percent of cat parents said their animal companions have a “positive impact” on their mental health.

“In the last 10 years, our pets have undergone an incredible lifestyle evolution. And they now play a central role in our own lives – whether they’re improving our mental health especially in these unique times or sharing a spot in our beds,” Yoo added.

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