Have you ever told your doggos that you love them? You might want to start saying it more often, as a recent study on dogs show that the pup’s heart rates increase an average of 46.2 percent when being told, “I love you.”

The researchers from Canine Cottage measured he bodily reactions of dogs and used monitors to track dogs’ pulses through different activities. They found out that saying “I love you” to your dogs excites them and elevated their heart rate.

Aside from that, cuddling them gives them a calming effect, decreasing their resting heart rate by an average of 22.7 percent. On the other hand, human heart rates increase by 10.4 percent when they see their dogs.

To demonstrate how much they also love you, dogs oftentimes like their hoomans’ faces, wag their tails, and even jump on their owners with enthusiasm.

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