A man from Thailand was having a good day with his friends, and end up opening his home to a stray dog in the most unexpected way possible.

Yutthaphum Kaewekhem, nicknamed Boom, was having a late dinner with his friend in a mookata restaurant last October 3.

After several drinks later, he can be seen in a now viral video, attempting to put a stray dog into his car several times with the dog jumping out every time. However, he did managed to bring his newfound friend into his home.

Posted by Yutthaphum Kaewekhem on Friday, October 2, 2020

“My friend dos not know how to stop me. This is the restaurant in front of the village. Instead of stopping me, my friend recorded the videos before driving us home,” Boom wrote in a Facebook post.

When he woke up, Boom said he was very confused to find a dog walking around his house. As his video went viral, people were so curious as to how Boom’s relationship with his new furry pal went.

According to him, he went back to the restaurant where he took the dog from and intended to give the dog some food and leave her there, but after finding out she was a stray animal, Boom decided to adopt the dog.

In a new Facebook post, Boom announced that he will be taking care of the dog and since then, he has bought his new animal companion a collar and some supplies. He also brought her to the veterinarian to be examined and given vaccinations.

Boom shares daily updates about his life with the stray dog, whom he now calls “Piggy,” and its safe to say Piggy is living a very pampered life now!

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