If you love art and animals, there’s a big chance you have already seen the works of Gerrard Gethings, a renowned animal portrait photographer based in East London.

In 2018, Gethings created a series of photographs of dogs that resemble people, which later on became a bestselling memory-card game where users had to match poodles and chihuahuas with their human counterparts.

“Everyone’s someone who looks like a dog. It’s been an idea for ever,” he told The Guardian. “But I don’t think people have thought, ‘That person looks a lot like a cat.’ I suppose there’s a feline quality some people can have, but not in the same way. They don’t have huge beards, or things dogs have, like a centre parting and long hair – easy matches. Cats are more difficult.”

Gethings sought out lookalikes. Either they have the same markings as the cat or they look like a cat in their actions. Luckily, everyone whom Gethings approached were easily hopped on the project.

“Some of them were a bit confused by the idea. But I’d already done it with the dogs, and cats are a lot better-looking than dogs, on the whole. It’s easier than anything, ‘You look like a French bulldog.’ If you say, ‘You look like a cat,’ I thing people are quite flattered,” he added.

Here are some of his best works, which were photographed using all the tricks up his sleeves – from laser points, treats, birds on the strings, and clockwork mice.

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