Halloween would not be the same this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but pet parents should still follow this simple guide when celebrating the holiday at home.

1. Keep animal companions indoors

Some villages might still organize trick or treats, so make sure your four-legged companions cannot escape especially when trick-or-treaters visit your home. Unaccustomed sights and sounds can be frightening for some animals, and people in Halloween costume might be menacing.

It can be better to keep your animals in a quiet room far away from your house’s front entrance.

2. Treats can be toxic

Place candy bowls and chocolate treats out of paw’s reach and explain to children that although dogs or cats beg for any treats, they cannot eat any of those. Halloween candy is not good for pets, while chocolates could be deadly for canines and felines alike, because it contain a potent toxin called theobromine.

If your furry pals ingest any candy or chocolate, consult your trusted veterinarian immediately. Check for signs of chocolate poisoning, such as vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination, and rapid heartbeat.

3. Beware of holiday decorations

Pets are curious creatures, so remember to keep all your holiday decorations out of harm’s way.

Some decorations, like fake cobwebs, are known to cause intestinal damage in cats and it can also be hazardous to birds who can become entangled in the webbing.

4. Costume care

While some animals enjoy playing dress-up, others are not comfortable wearing costumes. If your animal companions do like to wear some costumes, make sure it does not restrict their movement or ability to see, hear, and breathe. Also check if the clothes are flame retardant, nontoxic, and remove any small or dangling accessories that can be chewed and swallowed. If your dog or cat hats wearing costumes, leave them alone and don’t cause them any discomfort or stress.

5. Have fun

The best part of the Halloween is having fun, but remember to have fun with your whole family, including your four-legged furries so keep these tips in mind to have a safe, yet enjoyable time!

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