Canine and Feline Hotel in Parada, Portugal is offering a full hotel accommodation for your four-legged companions.

The hotel accommodation is built on an old vineyard by local studio Raulino Silva Arquitecto. It has three light white-grey blocks, connected by external corridors.

The pet hotel is best for travelling people who can bring their animal companions and enjoy all the facilities that the hotel is offering, which includes a grooming parlor and pool. An on-site veterinarian is also present, just alongside the grooming rooms.

The cat accommodation is separate from that of the dogs’, which is just across the courtyard. It has 12 individual rooms facing inwards towards an indoor play area for the felines.

It has a separate block that contains two rows of kennels on either side of the corridor that leads to an indoor play area for dogs. There is also an internal garden in the middle of the corridor, which blocks the views of the dogs across. All rooms also have big glass windows that look directly out onto the gardens.

The dogs can play and enjoy a dog training camp outside, which is secured by a net fence to keep the dogs safe.

Raulino Silva Arquitecto designed the exterior of the hotel. It has been shortlisted for hospitality building of the year at Dezeen Awards 2020.

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