If you look at the inscription on your vape, it reminds its users to “Keep out of reach of children and pets.” This is because vaping could be dangerous to your four-legged companions.

Although some studies suggest switching to vape from cigarettes is better for humans, it still has the same toxins that can harm your animal companions. Animal Poison Control Center said dogs might find the scent of e-liquid enticing, which is exactly the nicotine content toxic to them.

This is a reminder that if you live with your animal companions, avoid vaping indoors and enclosed areas with your furry pals present. The nicotine and other toxins in the smoke can trail through a dog or cat’s mucuous membrane in the mouth and skin.

Your furry friends can be poisoned by the vape smoke. Some symptoms of the second-hand smoke in dogs include: diarrhea, excessive drooling, vomiting, excessive pulse and heartbeat, mood changes, and aggressiveness.

If these symptoms continue to persist and remain untreated, it could lead to long-term complications such as seizures, lethargy, muscle weakness, tremor and shaking, black-outs, irregular heartbeat, and heart failure due to muscle weakness.

Next time you vape around your pets, use non-nicotine vape juice. There are different e-juice brands with many non-nicotine options to choose from.