A man was using an ATM in California when he noticed two racoons inside the closed Redwood City bank. At first, he thought they were a couple of stuffed toys, but then they look right back at him and knew he had to call the animal rescue team.

Rescuers from the Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) and Society for the Prevention and Cruelty of Animals (SPCA) were called to the scene and caugt the bandits.

“It’s not every day an animal organization gets called to deal with a bank break-in, but since the bank robbers were masked bandits of the wildlife kind, we were indeed the appropriate responders,” Buffy Martin Tarbox, PHS and SPCA’s communications manager, said in a press statement. “The bank manager let our rescue staff into the bank, and after about ten minutes of chasing the racoons around the bank, we were finally able to safely shoo them outside. They apparently didn’t want to leave the bank.”

According to him, they suspect the racoons climbed the tree and went to the roof of the bank. They might have crawled into the air ducts and fell through the ceiling tiles and onto the floor of the bank as the animals looked like they knocked some papers and a computer.

Luckily, the animals were safely escorted back outside and they were not injured.