World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched an advertisement highlighting the vulnerability of our wildlife, its habitat, and their connection to humans’ own homes just in time for the Christmas festivities.

With its message, “We would all be lost without a home, let’s protect theirs,” WWF hopes to encourage its viewers to see the effects of habitat destruction to these animals – pushing them to the brink of extinction – and to hopefully raise vital funds to protect endangered animals and their natural habitats and landscapes.

The advertisement shows the story of a girl following an imaginary elephant through her hometown, which is an urban city miles away from the animal’s natural habitat. This highlights the dangers of habitat destruction, and to reiterate the need to be the change so both animals and humans can continue living in a home where they both can thrive.

Many animals, including the elephants, remain at risk due to poaching, and habitat destruction because of expanding agriculture, land conversion, and infrastructure development that lead to conflicts with people.

“Every day, there are fewer places left that wildlife can call home. But we have the power to change things for the better,” said Tanya Steele, Chief Executive at WWF.

“With the help of our supporters, WWF is working hard to protect elephants and their habitats as part of our mission to curb global nature loss. By adopting an elephant, you’re not only protecting this much loved species, but also helping develop solutions for people to live safely alongside elephants and benefit from conservation efforts,” she added.

Christmas season is one of the most important fundraising opportunities for WWF. Steele added that the donations can help them create a positive environmental change across the globe, and help every loving being – animals and humans alike – have a home and thrive.