Eight years ago, a tortoiseshell cat ran away from her home in Watsontown, which left her furmily devastated for a long time.

Kristen Williams said they tried to look everywhere for her cat, Snickerdoodle, whom they rescued in 2009.

“I didn’t see her, I couldn’t find her. I pretty much gave up hope, I called places but nobody found her, nobody saw her,” said Williams. 

Just two weeks ago, Kristen was scrolling through Facebook when she found a picture that looked like her Snickerdoodle.

The Scratching Post Cat Cafe in Lewisburg posted Maria, a tortoiseshell cat up for adoption.

“I commented wanting to know her story,” Williams explained. “I wasn’t sure how old she was, but I knew she looked similar to the cat I had.”

“She sent us some photos and we compared that to photos we had of Maria.  Kristen came in to look at her and there was no denying that this is her cat,” said Arion Moser, volunteer at Scratching Post.

Moser said that out of nearly 350 cats adopted over the years, this case is rather unique. “It’s the only story we have like this out of all the adoptions we’ve done,” she said.

Williams adopted her old friend and shared a picture when they got home.