On the night of November 7, a Dachshund named Winston and his best pal Mijo, a 15-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, managed to go out of their house through an unattended open door. Once outside, they were greeted by a young mountain lion and it immediately pounced on smaller Mijo and got him in his jaws.

Instead of running away, Winston barked and charged at the mountain lion until it let go of Mijo and run away, according to a report by 9 News.

Lindsay Golden, the dogs’ human companion, rushed to their side and immediately took Mijo to the veterinary hospital. He suffered several injuries from the attack, including the loss of his right eye, and some neurological issues that needed to be checked.

Although it was a terrible experience, Mijo is happy to be back home with his hero and best bud, Winston.