Sometimes, it’s up to fathers to show their sons the right way to do things. And for this superdad, he was accompanied by his adorable animal companion to demonstrate how to properly bathe a baby to his son.

Recently, a Vietnamese man named Vinh Quang Pham shared a video of his father on Facebook, showing him how to properly bathe a baby with the help of his cat companion. He even showed him everything step-by-step and the cat was just happy to oblige, pretending to be a baby!

“Hold the neck, then put your hands on the butt cheeks, that will give you a better grip. Hold his butt and put him down in the basin,” the dad explains in Vietnamese, according to the Daily Star. The man makes sure to emphasize that the baby’s head needs to be supported at all times.

The grandpa then placed his fur-baby on his lap, demonstrating how to clean a newborn baby’s head. He can be seen in the video slowly massaging the cat’s head and splashing an imaginary water on him — and the cat seems to be enjoying it all!