A German Shepherd that goes by the name of Ding Dang is serving the Airborne Corps of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force in China, and he has recently amazed netizens for his latest achievement.

Ding Dang completed his training session of tandem skydive alongside his handler, according to a footage released by China’s state broadcaster, CCTV Military.

The video footage shows Ding Dang’s handler jumping out of a plane and bringing with him the brave dog. Both of them fell down the sky before the handler opened their parachute to allow them to descend and land safely in an unspecified military airbase.

Ding Dang had his eyes covered and had a muzzle, as he appeared calm all throughout the activity.

Skydiving is part of Ding Dang’s daily training, along with undertaking mock skydive sessions where he is swung out by his trainer from gymnastic high bars.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army hopes that training canine paratroopers could allow them to drop soldiers and military dogs to specific areas more quickly during special operations.

Canine paratroopers are rare. British special forces first reported to parachute German Shepherd dogs in Afghanistan to hunt for Taliban insurgents back in 2010, according to a report by The Guardian.

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