A concerned animal lover has shared on Facebook that dogs from the Antipolo City pound might be put to sleep if not claimed on Friday, November 27.

Karen Toyoshima said if no one will claim or adopt the dogs from the city pound, the city pound has no other choice but to euthanize the animals on Friday. “Please give these dogs a chance to live,” she pleads to the public.

She added that for anyone who wants to help and adopt, they could ask Antipolo City Legal Department to assist them. And here are some reminders to keep in mind:

  1. Proceed to Antipolo City Hall 4th Floor City Legal Department and fill out forms to adopt. From there, the legal department will advise the next steps.
  3. Make sure to bring valid IDs.
  4. You can bring home the dog after filing out forms.
  5. Make sure to maintain order when at the legal office and shorts, sleeveless tops and slippers are not allowed.
  6. Office opens at 8am on weekdays until 4pm only.
  7. Personal appearances are a must.
  8. Make sure to keep proper documentation of the adoption.
  9. Cages or carriers are required.

“If only we could save everybody,” she added on her post. “It’s always hard to choose, walking down and passing by seeing their eyes and faces always gets me. I try to always go for the ‘less adoptable one,’ the ‘not so adorable or cute one,’ because THEY MATTER TOO!”

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