A video of a Husky helping his blind brother to leap down the bench in China is making its round on the internet, and everyone’s heart.

Da Bao, the blind Husky, appears scared as he paces back and forth. Eventually, he makes it through thanks to his younger brother, Ju Bao, who definitely encouraged him and patiently nudged him how it’s done.

The dogs live in the city of Xiangyang in central China’s Hubei Province. Mr. Chen, Da Bao and Ju Bao’s fur parent, said the two Huskies came from the same litter and are five years old. The name Da Bao means “big treasure,” while Ju Bao means “giant treasure.” Mr. Chen said Da Bao was born without eyeballs, so Ju Bao always guided his brother since.

“Da Bao loves interacting with people, but because of his birth defect, he is more scared of strangers,” Mr Chen told MailOnline. “On the other hand, Ju Bao has a strong sense of justice and has been protecting Da Bao since they were puppies.”