Recently, a new challenge is taking over the internet, and making everybody fall in love with doggos. Human are showing off their animal companions in a series of photos as part of the #MeetMyDogChallenge.

In the challenge, humans share a photo of their animal companions along with a caption that tells readers more about them.

Take a look at some of our favorites here:

1. Zachariah
My nickname is: Zach a doo, Roo, Zacharoo, baby
My age: 17
My favorite human food is: Cheese
Best Friend: my mom
My biggest fear: loud noises
My favorite thing to do is: sit in my yard
Favorite toy: kong
Where do I sleep: in my room ( I used to sleep with mom but I have my own room now)
Do I love car rides: ride? Did you say ride? Let me grab my leash and meet you at the door!
Do I snore? Softly, and sometimes I pretend its ww11 and sound the air raid siren!
Dream job: turkey tester
Actual job: keeping mom company

2. Marchet
▪︎ My nickname is: Ambok ( fat ) , Bok , Baboy ( Pig)
▪︎ My age is: 7 years old
▪︎ My breed is: Chihuahua
▪︎ My favorite human food is: CHIMKEN And Everything 😂😂😂
▪︎ My biggest fear: Mommy , nail cutter
▪︎ My favorite lines: lets eat
▪︎ My favorite things to do: Sleep Eat Drink Repeat!
▪︎ Do I snore?: Yes 🤣

(PHOTO: Marian Aniennette Locsin Juarez via Who’s Your Pupper? Facebook)

3. Queen
▪︎ My nickname is: Bruha
▪︎ My age is: 12 months old
▪︎ My breed is: Shih Tzu
▪︎ My favorite human food is: CHIMKEN!!
▪︎ My biggest fear: Maligo
▪︎ My favorite lines: “Kakain na!!!!!!!!!”
▪︎ My favorite things to do: Eat, play, sleep, repeat
▪︎ Do I snore?: No. Utot madalas.


(PHOTO: Queen Shih Tzu via Dog Owners Philippines Facebook)

4. Sparky

My nicknames are: Sporky, Spork, Pork, Porky, Soark, Soarky, Night Note, Bad Boy, Rotten, Long Boy, Turd Burglar

My age is: 3

My favorite human food is: All of it

Best friend: My dad

My biggest fear: Garbage trucks

My favorite thing to do is: Eat

Favorite toy: Everything

Where do I sleep: In the bed

Do I love car rides: No

Do I snore?: No

My job: Professional turd eater

Breed: Italian Greyhound

(PHOTO by Kennedy Simmons via Dogspotting Society Facebook)

5. Tambok
▪︎ My nickname is: Taba,Bata,ambo
▪︎ My age is: 9 months
▪︎ My breed is: Aspin
▪︎ My favorite human food is: chimken & cheese but I eat anything😋😋
▪︎ My biggest fear: hanger & mama wen she gets angry😤😬😂(im super kulit sometimes😅)
▪︎ My favorite lines: “let’s go”🤩😍
▪︎ My favorite things to do: eating and pasyal
▪︎ Do I snore?: Yes ☺️


(PHOTO by Mary Jenn II via Dog Owners Philippines Facebook)

6. Mamaw
▪︎ My nickname is: MAW
▪︎ My age is: 8-month-old (present)
▪︎ My breed is: belgian malinois
▪︎ My favorite human food is: Pork
▪︎ My biggest fear: bunal 😅
▪︎ My favorite line is: “Tara Maw! Ligo ta sapa”
▪︎ My favorite things to do: Maligo sa sapa..
▪︎ Do I snore: No

(PHOTO by Jin Jin Gahiles via Dog Lovers Philippines Facebook)

7. Luna and Charlie (both rescues)

  • My nickname:Lulu & Chunkie
  • My age is: 3 and Charlie is 1.5
  • My weight:56 but Chunkie weighs 94
  • My favorite human:dad
  • Best Friend: Step Brother Charlie
  • My biggest fear: The Vet
  • My favorite thing to do is: going to the park and playing with others or a walk with mom and dad
  • My favorite food: Bacon
  • Favorite toys: Tennis ball
  • Do I love car rides: YES
  • Do I snore? Not very often
    Breed: German Shepherd


(PHOTO by Mark Beetler via German Shepherds Facebook)

8. Mira

My nicknames are: Räven (”The fox” in Swedish)

My age is: 3 years.

My favorite hooman food is: Chocolate (tries desperately to steal it but is absolutely not allowed to eat it 😖)

Best friend: Loca, her partner in crime.

My biggest fear: Cars

My favorite thing to do is: Dig holes in the couch 🙄

Favorite toy: Anything that you can chew into tiny pieces and swallow…

Where do I sleep: Anywhere

Do I love car rides: No

Do I snore? Nope

My job: Keep my hoomans real busy 😈

Breed: Podenco Xarnego Valenciano

(PHOTO by Tilda Lindström via Dogspotting Society Facebook)

9. Axle
My nickname is Baby Zoro
My age is 3 mths.
My weight is 4.3 lbs.
My favorite human food is Broccoli
My biggest fear is my mom putting me in a crate
My favorite thing to do is pick on my new big brothers
My favorite toy is a moose made by Kong
Where do I sleep : In a soft sided kennel next to my mommy in her king size bed. I don’t quite understand it but my brothers don’t have to sleep in one of those things .
Do I love car rides….no, but mom says I will get use to it.
Do I snore: put it this way …at 3 a.m. mom was putting ear plugs in her ears
My Job is to be a happy well adjusted fur baby
My Best Friend ….MOM
My Breed : Xoloitzcuintli

(PHOTO by Laurie Lee via Life is Better with a Dog Facebook)

10. Nobu
▪︎ My nicknames are: Noby, Anobibi, Norberto, Bubu, Baby Love Love, Shabubu, Bachuychuy
▪︎ My age is: almost 3 years old
▪︎ My breed is: Shih Poo
▪︎ My favourite human foods are: Chimkin, burger patties, anything beef, Cheetos Puffs.
▪︎ My biggest fear: Ligo, walis, balloons, the new plants Mom keeps bringing home, and being left alone
▪︎ My favorite things to do: Going to the dog park, playing with Pipi and Doggie (dog toys) and playing with Dad, drive drive with Mom and Dad
▪︎ Do I snore?: No, but I fart.

(PHOTO by Teeza Que-Legaspi via Who’s Your Pupper? Facebook)