The Bidens, who are set to move to the White House next year, will be bringing with them a new animal companion – a cat!

President-elect Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, confirmed during an appearance at CBS Sunday Morning that aside from their German Shepherds Major and Champ, they will also be bringing a cat with them.

“President-elect @JoeBiden and his wife @DrBiden won’t just be bringing their German shepherds, Major and Champ to the White House. The Bidens tell us exclusively that soon they’ll be joined by a cat,” the show tweeted on Friday.

The last cat to live in the White House was a black cat named India, who was a longtime companion to George W. Bush’s family. Bill Clinton also had a cat named Socks.

“Well, I’d love to get a cat. I love having animals around the house,” Dr. Jill told Fox 5’s Angie Goff.

Aside from bringing back a cat and dogs in the famous residence, Biden’s dog Major would also be the first shelter dog to live at the White House.