An animal sanctuary located in Cazenovia, United States is offering a program to support kids during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Haven at Skanda is a farm and an animal sanctuary that helps kids build their confidence by teaching them how to connect and care for animals.

“I like seeing all the animals,” said program participant, 15-year-old Tristan Dawson, on Spectrum News. “It’s very therapeutic. It’s pretty amazing seeing all these animals.”

The farm has a boys support program for ages 7-13.

Aside from helping the kids cope, the farm is also raising money through “Zoom-topia,” a fundraising event that shares one of the farm animals on zoom sessions, to continue caring for the animals.

“Walking the mini donkey we found is incredible. Especially for kids who have attention issues,” said The Haven at Skanda executive director Ellen Beckerman. “They can be bouncing around one minute not knowing what to do with themselves and they get next to Nutter Butter and this calm comes over them. The mini donkeys support the deep calm and they need to stay focused on Nutter Butter because they are his caretaker and leader when they are walking him.”

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