A photo of a doggo wearing a graduation toga surely has made the day of many animal lovers.

On Who’s Your Pupper?, a Facebook group for dog lovers, Jana Cathleen Padilla shared a photo of her doggo wearing a graduation toga, and displayed it alongside hers and her family’s graduation photos.

“We’re so proud of our baby boy!,” she wrote alongside the photos of Gaston, their family animal companion.

In an interview with Animal Scene, Padilla said they always treated Gaston as part of their family, even as the youngest of the siblings!

“It’s actually funny cos when we displayed Gaston’s grad photo alongside ours, we really felt proud and it felt like he actually graduated,” Padilla told Animal Scene in an online interview.

“I saw that Matthew Tiongco was offering his services kasi to edit your pet’s head to human portraits and my family thought it’d be cool if we had our dog’s head edited to a toga photo and have is displayed alongside our own grad photos 😂,” she added.

Check out Tiongco’s incredible photoshop works here: @made.by.chunks. He is also accepting editing works, so message him on his Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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