A cat named Billy has been visiting his neighbors with one mission: Connect his parents with the neighbors.

Olga Shipunova and her partner Zack King became pen pals with one of their neighbors thanks to their fur-baby Billy. Billy just loves to go to his neighbors, and one evening, he returned to their home in Hackney, London, with a note tucked under his collar, thus the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

“A few months ago, my girlfriend @ogildy noticed something on Billy’s collar – a folded note, wrapped in cling film and attached with a wire tie,” King posted on his Twitter.

Here was the first note given by their neighbors:

And his girlfriend replied with:

The neighbor then bought Billy a proper mailbag after he came without the letter!

Zack said they are still communicating through Billy with no plans to meet up. “To be honest, with modern communication all being online, it’s nice to have some mystery and intrigue,” he told Bored Panda. “With so many cats likely visiting other homes, maybe others should reach out via cat delivery.”

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